Seat Relocation & Addition Form

Seat Relocation Request Form

  • Seat Relocation/Addition Form

  • To insure proper identification, please enter your account information below:

  • Contact Information

  • To expedite the relocation process, please provide us with the best way of contacting you, during normal business hours, to review proposed options. If you know you will be on vacation during February & March, please indicate the best option to contact you in the "Notes" section.

  • Please use the following section to provide us with information that will help in the relocation process.

  • Seat Locations

  • SEAT LOCATION(S) of those tickets you currently purchase that you wish to have changed: Use one line for all seats, unless your seats are in multiple rows. (e.g. Section 100, Row 25, Seats 9-10). If you need to add tickets from a different section or row please use the plus (+) sign on the left to populate new boxes. These are for reserved seat sections ONLY. 

  • In the spaces below, please provide detailed information on your requested relocation. In order to provide the best possible options, include priorities or options that might better help fulfill your request. For example, note that you might be willing to split up seats or move to another section. Please understand that in order to fulfill your request, a seat must be vacated. Our renewal rate is very high, so selection is limited.

  • Additional Seat(s) Request

    Note: You may only request additional seats if you currently purchase fewer than four tickets. You may only purchase enough tickets to reach four total tickets. For example, if you currently purchase two tickets, you may request up to two more seats. A request for additional seats also might include a change of location. You will be notified of the move before any change is completed.

  • For any questions regarding this process, please contact:

    Carol Foreman | 402-554-4422 x13 |