Season Ticket Holder Parking Information


An email will be sent with the link to purchase online through the NCAA Account Manager for each sales date. Invoices ALSO will be mailed on the respective seniority sales date.

The 2022 season ticket holder LOT D parking passes will cost $150 ($2 per pass order fee, applies to online orders only).

Below are the NEW sales dates, based on seniority:

Thursday, June 23rd and Monday, June 27th are “if necessary” game days. Those game tickets and parking passes (if purchased) are NOT provided in advance until it is determined a game is needed to be played. Once games are determined, tickets and parking will be loaded into NCAA Account Manager to manage.

The number of parking passes you are able to purchase is based on the number of reserved season tickets in your account.

  • 1-7 Season Tickets:  One Parking Pass
  • 8-11 Season Tickets:  Two Parking Passes
  • 12-15 Season Tickets:  Three Parking Passes
  • 16-19 Season Tickets:  Four Parking Passes
  • 20 Season Tickets:  Five Parking Passes

The daily passes again will be sold first-come, first-served, based on seniority, so be sure to make your payment as soon as possible. We will sell out.

Season ticket holder parking for reserved ticket holders is located in Lot D, directly east of the stadium across from 10th Street.

Parking Map locations on MECA's campus