NCAA Digital Ticket Account Manager – User Guide

With the move to mobile ticketing for the 2021 NCAA Men’s College World Series, you will now manage your season tickets through your desktop computer or mobile device via the NCAA Account Manager. Below is the user guide to get you started!

How to I sell my tickets? (available starting June 7)

  1. After logging in to your NCAA account, select ‘My Events’ in the navigation bar and select the event in which you’d like to sell tickets.
  2. Select ‘Sell Tickets’ and select the seats you would like to sell. Click Next.
  3. By default, the ticket resale price will be recommended based on the average price on tickets sold and tickets currently listed on Ticketmaster’s resale marketplace. The option to set a different price is available by clicking the + or – buttons under ‘Price Per Ticket’. You may also click into the field and enter a price. Select Continue.
  4. Review the resale information. Choose the preferred payout method in the dropdown and add the payee information.
  5. Click ‘Submit Listing’ to post your tickets for resale.

Helpful hints:

  • To see the PDF in a full screen format press “Click Here for Full Screen Format” in red.
  • For options to download or print use the >> arrows in the upper right hand corner of the document.