MECA’s Clear Bag Policy for CenturyLink Center Omaha Extending to TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

MECA’s Clear Bag Policy for CenturyLink Center Omaha Extending to TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

The thousands of people who are already making plans to visit CenturyLink Center Omaha and TD Ameritrade Park Omaha will soon be asked to follow a new security policy at both facilities.

The new MECA security policy will be in effect for stadium events next spring such as Creighton baseball games, the Big Ten Conference Baseball Tournament, and the NCAA Men’s College World Series.

Items permitted after December 31, 2017, will include clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags. Additionally, small clutch-sized bags will still be allowed after proper inspection, continuing a practice started this summer for arena events.

After consultation with local law enforcement and security officials, all entities agreed that the updated policy is the best cautionary practice for the countless fans who entrust these venues with their safety.

Here are the main components of the new bag policy, which take effect on December 31:

  • Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote bags permitted after search (when applicable)
  • Diaper bags must also adhere to these guidelines
  • Small or clutch-sized purses or wallets, not exceeding 4.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches long are permitted
  • One-gallon, clear plastic freezer bags are also acceptable (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • No large purses, bags, backpacks or fanny-packs will be allowed inside the arena or stadium
  • MECA staff-members are not allowed to hold bags during an event
  • Exceptions will be made for bags with medical necessity after appropriate inspection

Dimensions for clear bags allowed in CenturyLink Center Omaha arena events measure 12 inches tall by 12 inches long and 6 inches wide.

As always, patrons are encouraged to beat the rush of last minute arrivals by arriving early, and budgeting additional time for security screenings.