Reserved parking is offered based on your seniority (the number of years you have held season tickets with CWS of Omaha, Inc.). You may purchase parking passes until they are sold out. However, because seniority no longer takes precedence once the next group is mailed their invoice, we advise that you remit payment as soon as possible. This daily parking pass guarantees parking in Lot D, across 10th Street to the east of TD Ameritrade Park Omaha. Passes are sold as a package and no refunds are given for days not used/played. Passes are $100.00 each, plus $3 shipping and handling per order.

Please note this offer is for reserved season tickets, not club tickets. Those are handled by a separate organization, MECA.

Season-ticket holders are limited in the number of passes that can be purchased, based on the number of season tickets ordered per account. For one to seven season tickets, one parking pass may be purchased; for eight to 11 season tickets, two parking passes; for 12-15 season tickets, three parking passes; for 16-19 season tickets, four parking passes; and for 20 season tickets, five parking passes. If you attempt to purchase more parking passes than your number of tickets allows, you will receive an error message and you will have to begin the purchase process again.

As a reminder, your season tickets must be paid in full before we can accept payment for parking passes. Invoices, along with more specific information regarding parking, will be mailed according to the following schedule:


Your account number is the Passcode

20-Plus Years’ Seniority – Friday, February 2, 2018 ————> Click Here to Pay

10-19 Years’ Seniority – Friday, February 16, 2018 ————-> Click Here to Pay 

1-9 Years’ Seniority – Friday, March 2, 2018 ——————–> Payment Link Active Friday, Mar 2

If parking is sold out before your group’s mailing date, correspondence will not be mailed and a sold-out notice will be posted on this website.

Invoices can be emailed, if needed. Please contact us so we can accommodate that request.

Parking passes will be mailed in early to mid May with the season-ticket mailing. If you have converted your season tickets to Flash Seats, parking still will be mailed in the early to mid May time frame.

For all other parking information, visit the Official NCAA College World Series Site.