Inclement Weather/Delay Policies


1. In the event of a game delay, please keep your game ticket or seat locator.

2. If you are leaving the stadium during a game delay, you should stop at a ticket gate to have your ticket/seat locator scanned out or marked by TD Ameritrade Park Omaha staff.

• Reserved seat paper ticket holders may exit through all gates and have their ticket(s) scanned out.

• Flash Seat ticket holders may exit through any gate and have their seat locator(s) marked.

3. If the game is suspended and resumed the same day or continued on the following day, you will need the game ticket from the original game to re-enter the stadium for the continuation of play. If the game is postponed to the following day and you have Flash Seats, please bring the original form of ID (credit card or mobile app) you used to enter the stadium the previous day and enter through any gate.

4. In the event of a total game postponement to the following day (meaning, the game did not begin at its scheduled time), you should follow the game number listed on the ticket, not the date.

5. There are no refunds on tickets as all games will be played.

6. If you have any issues, please go to the Box Office near Gate 2 on the corner of 13th and Mike Fahey Street for resolution.

Parking Pass Information

Season ticket holder parking passes in Lot D are by the day. If a game is postponed to the following day, pass holders should bring the parking pass marked with the new day play resumes, not the pass from the day the game was scheduled to play.

For additional information regarding a weather/game delay, please watch the video board and listen to the PA announcements, if you are in the stadium. If you have exited the ballpark, please check and click on the News icon. Information also will be posted on Twitter (@NCAACWS) and Facebook (/NCAACWS). You also may call the CWS Hotline at 402-554-4404.

Listed game times are subject to change.